Top 5 Places to Eat that are not Vegan in Dublin

📍 Masa

Masa (located on Drury Street) is my absolute favourite place to eat in Dublin. I take any opportunity I can to go and eat here. It is a small Mexican restaurant with real Mexican food and it is delish! Their tacos are to die for and they have recently introduced two vegan tacos to their menu – a soy chorizo taco and a cauliflower taco. While both are amazing, the cauliflower taco is one of the best things you’ll ever have. They also have fab guac and the best frozen margaritas around. The best part about Masa is its a cheap eat. I highly recommend if you’re look for somewhere cheap and tasty.

📍Elle’s Bistro in The Iveagh Hotel

I’ve been to Elle’s twice within the past few months and I’ve been very impressed each time. It’s a great place if your looking for somewhere to get a little dressed up and have a few cocktails. They have multiple vegan options on their menu which I liked so I didn’t have to get the same dish twice. The first time I went, I got cauliflower tempura which was served on a fab asian-style salad. It was a really tasty dish. The second time I got a Thai green curry. The flavour of the curry was really delicious and it was filled with a wide-variety of veg and chickpeas. I absolutely recommend it for a nice lunch/brunch out.

📍Harcourt Bar and Restaurant

The Harcourt Bar is apart of the Harcourt Hotel and is only a few doors down from Elle’s. It is a huge venue and is great if you want to go for food or drinks with a group of people. I’ve only eaten here once but I have gone a few times for drinks. Again, there was a couple of options on the menu. I went for the tikka masala which was served with naan and wild rice. It was a huge portion and was very tasty.

📍Nut Butter

Unfortunately, when I went to Nut Butter, indoor dining wasn’t allowed so we had to get a takeaway. However, the interiors look fab and I would love to go back again and actually be able to sit in. The menu is mostly different types of bowls and tacos. You can pick and choose what you’d like in it and there are plenty of vegan options. The food was delicious. I’d highly recommend Nut Butter for a quick and healthy lunch.

📍 Brother Hubbard

I have been to Brother Hubbard (North) twice now – once for brunch and the other for dinner, and I really enjoyed it both times. As with the others, they have multiple vegan options which means you’re not limited to one dish. For brunch I had a vegan mezzo tray which was served with falafel, hummus, pickled veggies and pitta bread. The flavour of all of the elements together was delicious and the food was really fresh. For dinner I had cauliflower tempura with bravas papatas. Again, it was really enjoyable. I would definitely recommend as an all-day eating place.

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