Top 5 Kitchen Staples

There’s certain things that I always have in my kitchen and are what I would consider my staples. They are generally items that I would include in a lot of my recipes and foods that I just like to know I have. I know if I have them that I will never be stuck and I will always be able to create something.

  1. Tinned Beans

Tinned beans are something I always make sure I have on hand. They are extremely versatile and can be added into almost any dinner. they are high in both fibre and protein and are guaranteed to make any meal fulfilling. Some of my favourites to have are chickpeas, black beans and kidney beans. I often use beans as a substitute for meat in dishes that would traditionally have it. They can also be thrown into anything last minute, if you feel your dish needs something extra. I also love to mash them up to make bean burgers. They are also one of the most affordable things to buy so I recommend

2. Dairy-Alternative Milk

When you start drinking non-dairy milks it can take a while to figure out which one is your preference. Almond milk is mine. However, I always have some oat and sometimes coconut in my fridge as well. I often like to use them for different things. Like dairy milk, non-dairy milks are extremely versatile. You can use them in curry, shakes, smoothies, porridge, cereal, cashew cheese, tea and a whole host of other things. Therefore, I always make sure to have a few cartons in my fridge. In fact I even store some long-life almond milk in the press in case of an emergency. 

3. Wholewheat Pittas and Wraps

I always make sure to have wholewheat pittas and wraps at hand. I use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day. Being whole-wheat means they are more nutrient-dense than their white counterparts. They have a good shelf life and they can also be frozen. I find they are handy for breakfast sambos, lunch wraps, as a snack with hummus and for burritos. Whenever, I’m stuck for something to eat, they are always my go to. Again, these items are part of my cheap list of foods. A packet of wholewheat pittas in Tesco costs just 45c, with the wraps costing €1.75.

4. Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are an absolute essential in any kitchen. They are what flavour and and enrich our foods. You can buy them fresh or dried, and while fresh herbs are necessary in some dishes, I would absolutely recommend having a collection of dried ones. Some of my favourites and ones that are popular in a lot of dishes are paprika, cumin, coriander, chilli, curry, garlic, onion, oregano and sage. The dried herbs have a long shelf-life, meaning one jar will last you a long time. A jar of herbs or spices can range from as little as 50c to a couple euro depending on what it is and where you buy it. However, if you have the space, I would highly recommend taking some time to grow some herbs yourself. They are super easy to grow and there is nothing quite like going out to your garden and picking some fresh herbs to put into your dinner. Some that I currently have growing are rosemary, parsley and coriander.

5. Oats

For me, oats are everything. They are one of my favourite foods. Like all of the other foods I mentioned, they are extremely versatile and as cheap as chips. I pretty much eat oats every morning in some form or another. They are extremely fulfilling as they are high in fibre and other nutrients and they give you that slow releasing energy throughout the day. Some of my favourite ways to enjoy them in the morning are in a shake/smoothie, as porridge or as overnight oats. However, they can also be used blended up for pancakes, instead of bread crumbs and to make granola. I always have bags of oats on hand as I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I ran out. A bag of rolled or porridge oats generally costs less than a euro and will usually last a while. 

These are my top 5 kitchen staples, what are yours?


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