Favourite Shop-Bought Snacks

While I’d love to think that I make all of my food at home, including snacks, using fresh whole-foods, I, like everybody else, grab the occasional shop-bought snack. Whether I’m grabbing something on the run or I just fancy something a little different, here are a list of the plant-based snacks I reach for in the shops.

  1. Nobó Buttons

Becoming Plant-based does not mean giving up chocolate and Nobó buttons are the perfect on the go snack or for when you’re craving something a little sweet. Their chocolate contains just six ingredients and it is the perfect size. They also come in a range of flavours including milk, Irish sea salt, mint, almond and orange. All of their cocoa is sourced sustainably and ethically and best of all, they’re an Irish company. They also have large bars and a selection of raw ice-creams available. I get mine in Tesco, Supervalu or from the company themselves.

2. The Happy Pear Bars

The Happy Pear bars are another great on the go snack. They come in three different flavours: Chocoluv Brownie; Coconut Bliss; Mighty Millionaire. They are quite large and filling so perfect if you need something to keep you going while also being a sweet treat. They are available in Supervalu and Centra and are again, created by an Irish brand.

3. Love Raw Cream Filled Wafer Bar

One of my favourite chocolate bars from before I became plant-based was a Kinder Bueno and I can’t believe it, but this bar is pretty much an exact replica. They come in two bars with a tasty hazelnut filling that is the perfect indulgent snack. My favourite time to have one is on a Friday evening after work. They are available in Supervalu and Holland and Barrett.

4. Indie Bay Rock Salt Spelt Pretzel Bites

I love pretzels when craving a savoury snack and these spelt pretzel bites are the perfect quick snack. They only have six ingredients (all of which are recognisable) and are the perfect size. I love to have a pack of these in my bag in case of an emergency or a craving. They are available in Holland and Barrett and also come in a Cracked Black Pepper Quinoa Flavour.

5. Hippeas

When craving a crisp-like snack, I always tend to go for Hippeas. They are chickpea-based puff that comes in a variety of flavours. My favourite is the salt and vinegar. They also come in a variety of sizes meaning they’re perfect just for yourself or for sharing. They are available in most supermarkets including Supervalu and Holland and Barrett.

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