Tips for getting your 30 plant foods a week

So earlier this week I talked about why it’s important to aim to eat a variety of different plant-foods. Research has shown that people that eat a variety of 30 different plant foods a week are proven to have a more diverse gut microbiota than those who eat 10 or less. Now 30 sounds likeContinue reading “Tips for getting your 30 plant foods a week”

The Magic 30

Before I get into talking about food, I want to first introduce you to your gut. Your gut, if you aren’t sure, is the long tube that makes up your gastrointestinal system including your esophagus, stomach and intestines. When you think of it, you may believe that it’s only purpose is taking care of theContinue reading “The Magic 30”


Porridge is an absolute staple in my diet. It’s something I eat almost every morning. Oats in general are so versatile. There are so many ways to eat them – overnight oats, baked oats, in smoothies and my personal fav, porridge. It might sound boring eating the same thing every morning. However, I change theContinue reading “Porridge”