Pico De Gallo

Pico De Gallo is a type of Mexican Salsa. It is a chopped salsa rather than smooth.


  • 100g tomatoes (Try to use a variety of different tomatoes for plant diversity)
  • 1 white onion
  • Bunch fresh coriander
  • 1 green chilli


1. Chop the tomatoes into very small chunks. Place the tomato including the juices into a bowl

2. Chop your white onion and chilli into small chunks and add to the tomatoes

3. Chop your coriander finely and add it to the tomatoes, chilli and onion

4. Mix all of your ingredients together. Try to squash the tomatoes as you do so. This will help help to release the juice from the tomatoes further and help to combine all of the ingredients better

Serving Suggestion: Eat with tortilla chips; make bruschetta with sourdough bread; add to burrito/burrito bowl; add to grain bowl


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