Tasty Bowls

Veggie and grain bowls are one of my favourite quick and easy meals to make. They are great as a lunch or a dinner and they can be extremely filling. They are also brilliant for getting a variety of plant foods in one bowl. You could have a bowl for dinner every night but never have the same meal!

I have a basic structure for making a bowl which I am going to share with you. When I first started making them, I used to get a bit overwhelmed because I didn’t know what to put in. But over time, I’ve developed a bit of a plan that makes it super easy. Often times bowls can be made with leftovers or just basic items that you already have at hand.


The method for this recipe is super simple. Just pick items from each category and throw them in a bowl.

By picking something from each category you can make sure that your bowl is balanced, nutrient dense and delicious, of course!

The items listed in each of the categories are examples and ideas. Feel free to get creative and add something different.

Grains (Choose 1)Leaves (Choose 1)
Quinoa Spinach
Brown/Red/Wild RiceRomaine
Cous CousRocket
(massage with olive oil)
Fresh Herbs – coriander, basil, parsley
Protein (Choose 1-2)Vegetables (Choose 3-4)
Crispy Roasted TofuSweet Potato Wedges
Lentil SaladMaple Roasted Carrots
Spicy Roasted ChickpeasBoiled Broccoli
Sweet and Sour TempehMixed Peppers
Tinned Mixed Beans Sweetcorn/Corn-on-cob
EdamameBuffalo Roasted Cauliflower
Bean ChileMixed stir-fried veg
Tofu TendersRoasted Butternut Squash
Bean SaladScallion
Chickpea TunaRoasted Brussel Sprouts
FalafelRoasted Asparagus
Fermented foods (Choose 1-2)Dressing/Sauce (Choose 1)
Pickled Red OnionGarlic Miso dressing
Pickled Red CabbageHoisin dressing
KimchiGarlic, Olive oil and Lemon dressing
Sourdough BreadGreen Goddess dressing
Sprouting seeds (alfalfa, mung beans, etc.)Spicy Satay
Sauerkraut Pesto
Nuts and Seeds (Choose 1-2)Extras (Optional)
Raw cashewsGuacamole
Raw flaked almondsAvocado
Seed MixPico De Gallo
Chopped Raw WalnutsTortilla Chips
Toasted sesame seedsHummus

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