The Picky Veggie is a brand and community that aims to share information, tips and recipes to help you to eat and create a lifestyle that helps you to be the healthiest and best version of yourself. We strongly believe in viewing food as a source of enjoyment, creativity, fuel, nutrition and health. We feel very strongly about our wholefoods and the power they have to make us feel our best and look after our gut health.

Hi, I’m Eimear! The founder of The Picky Veggie, a 25 year old from Ireland with a real passion for nutrition and wellness. For the past few years I have been learning as much as I can about food and the power it has to help us live our happiest lives. I have also recently started a diploma in Nutrition. I started The Picky Veggie as a way to share what I’ve learned with others so that they too can learn to eat in a way that makes them feel good!