Simple Fibre Food Swaps and Add-ins

Just like getting 30 plant foods a week, increasing your fibre intake sounds difficult. However, it’s always more difficult in theory than in practice. Even still, most adults are only getting 15g – 16g of fibre a day instead of the recommended 30g. So below I’ve listed some simple food swaps and food ad-ins thatContinue reading “Simple Fibre Food Swaps and Add-ins”

High Fibre Foods

So you’ve heard me banging on about fibre for the past few days, so where exactly do we find it? Well, fibre is only found in plant foods, meaning you can’t get it from dairy, meat, poultry, fish or eggs. It also can not be found in most processed foods or white flour based productsContinue reading “High Fibre Foods”

Fibre: What it is and Why you need it

Fibre. You might have heard of it before but have never really known what it is, what it does or where it comes from. Well in this post, I’m going to explain it all and hopefully encourage you to eat a bit more of it. Fibre is a carbohydrate. However, it is only found inContinue reading “Fibre: What it is and Why you need it”

Stress and Your Gut

Did you know that stress can be really damaging for your gut? So much so that even if you are eating nutrient-dense whole foods, you can become nutrient deficient. Your body is capable of dealing with stress. However, only in small doses. Its designed to help us get out of dangerous situations and get toContinue reading “Stress and Your Gut”

The Magic 30

Before I get into talking about food, I want to first introduce you to your gut. Your gut, if you aren’t sure, is the long tube that makes up your gastrointestinal system including your esophagus, stomach and intestines. When you think of it, you may believe that it’s only purpose is taking care of theContinue reading “The Magic 30”