Favourite Shop-Bought Snacks

While I’d love to think that I make all of my food at home, including snacks, using fresh whole-foods, I, like everybody else, grab the occasional shop-bought snack. Whether I’m grabbing something on the run or I just fancy something a little different, here are a list of the plant-based snacks I reach for inContinue reading “Favourite Shop-Bought Snacks”

Is a Plant-based Diet Expensive?

Often, I hear people make comments about how having a plant-based diet is for the privileged and that most people could not afford to live that way. It’s an interesting concept and something I definitely think needs to be addressed. In terms of a world view, having a plant-based diet is a privilege. In fact,Continue reading “Is a Plant-based Diet Expensive?”

Ways to Eat More Sustainably

Packaging One way to eat more sustainably is to buy foods that have reduced packaging, no packaging or packaging that is biodegradable. Often food bought in supermarkets is packaged in large amounts of unnecessary plastic. Plastic which is often not even recyclable. Put your fresh fruit and veg loose in the trolley (and obviously washContinue reading “Ways to Eat More Sustainably”

Favourite Vegan Cocktails

Something I never considered when I became plant-based was that not all cocktails are vegan. Often the cocktails with the foamy heads have egg whites in them or some have honey for sweetness. So here is a list of my favourite, common cocktails that just so happen to be vegan. Espresso Martini Margarita Mojito PornstarContinue reading “Favourite Vegan Cocktails”

Top 5 Places to Eat that are not Vegan in Dublin

📍 Masa Masa (located on Drury Street) is my absolute favourite place to eat in Dublin. I take any opportunity I can to go and eat here. It is a small Mexican restaurant with real Mexican food and it is delish! Their tacos are to die for and they have recently introduced two vegan tacosContinue reading “Top 5 Places to Eat that are not Vegan in Dublin”

Does Vegan equal Healthy?

There always seems to be this impression that being vegan or eating vegan foods means healthy. Maybe, once upon a time, this was true as until recently there was very little plant-based options in mainstream grocery stores so people opted for fruit, veg, grains, nuts and seeds. However, we are lucky enough to live inContinue reading “Does Vegan equal Healthy?”

Plant-Based Starter Pack

It can be slightly overwhelming when you initially become plant-based. You might not be sure what you need or what will help you on your journey. So I decided to create a list of things that helped me in the beginning and made life just a little bit easier. A Good Recipe Book Initially, whenContinue reading “Plant-Based Starter Pack”

Reasons I Became Plant-Based

I don’t believe that most people become plant-based over night. It’s a big decision. Its changing your entire lifestyle and finding new ways to cook and eat. It can be hard work sometimes and depending where you are, your options can be limited. For me it was a journey and a process. I started offContinue reading “Reasons I Became Plant-Based”